Letra de Leave Me Alone
The story start's one holiday,
man back then they were happy day's.
I met a Welsh girl from the east,
then I found out she is a pysco hose beast.
When I got home I allready had a text,
then another next after next.
Why dont you just leave me alone
and I woun't bad mouth you over the phone.

Has'nt it ever accured to you I have a life
and your not part of it.
You said you loved me,
save it for mr I dont give a shit

Since I've known you my lifes been a bore,
So I dont want you in my life no more.
You may think I am a dick,
but I dont care cause you make me sick.
Your friends o.k, but you just act gay
so just leave me alone drag

so just leave me alone drag