Letra de Mic Check
microphone check
I wanna make sure you can hear me

I nearly forget
when I'm in your arms
that I'm not the one you dream of

You've been dazzling me,
with your ability
to forget that we loved once
so deeply
and freedom reigned in our bed
we were drenched in it

I know these words
they aint as cool
as something Ben would play you
But it's what i've got
I know I'm a fool
But who can blame me?

I've been chasing you
up and down the street,
I'm a lonely dog
on an empty beach
and your ass is a carrot
and I am a rabbit
and I can't give up
until my body has had it

Microphone check
make sure my words are clear
I really love you dear

and I hate to say it
but I'm fooling myself
I really think you need me

and I hope that you don't go running off
with some other fella
who just wants to fill up
on your wonderment
because you're full of it
it's so easy to get lost in
you need what I think is a rendezvous
with yourself in the desert
under the moon
but who am I to say?