Sincerely Yours Letra

Aj Mclean

Have It All

Letra de Sincerely Yours
I burn the pages in my head
but the memories are so clear
a thousand words just left unsaid
and you never descend a tear
you say that you wamma be close to me
so how does it feel...?

Now the tables have turned
you can learn how to live
without me live without me
pictures up on the wall
suddenly now you are all about me all about me
Where were you when I needed you? the only thing that I learned from how to walk out the door.. Sincerely Yours..

Now I'm a man, I'm on my own
I'm not ashamed
You broke my heart you stole my pride
all you left me was my name
I know you wanna be in my how does it feel...?


I just wanna forgive and forget all about you
Why can't I just move on?
from this place in between loving and hating you
don't know where to belong...

Sincerely yours...

(Grazie a Francesca Di Prima per questo testo)