To Be Born Again Letra


Stone Of Light

Letra de To Be Born Again
The first time I was born in pain
And died in lonelines,
Alone, like a wolf
That screams at the moon
All it's torment.

In the sky as many stars
As are the tears in a life,

Taken away from a life, fragile,
Like a rose in einter.

I was born again
To understand my past.

I was born again
To understand the reason of life.

We can only dream to live forever,
The beat that gaved me life yesterday
Was only a count down to the end.

Here in front of eternity
It's anew beginning,
There aren't illusion through
The valleys of time I will find.

The replies to all my questions,
Or it's only a secret that lies
Deep inside the labyrint of my heart.

To die is like being born again
Or it's only an eternal dream...