The Oracle Of Dehumanisation Letra



Letra de The Oracle Of Dehumanisation
Dehumanised future, a journey in the dark
Fate is written in transparency
Worlds uttered with consciousness
by the transcendental lake

Gradually his timeless face emerges
Showing the injuries of the cosmic pulsing heart
Heavy like monoliths
the prophecies of decadence falls

The future is only the son of past faults
The silent evolution

"I remember when I saw you so strong,
But now after so many steps conduced in the fog
The instincts of domination of the order of chaos
Like suicidal tendencies they'll fall"

Losing in my mind
I am the betrayer of my time
The betrayer of my life,
the betrayer of my society

Of common religion - of the common sense
But only the sombre shadow of vengeance
makes the mind clear
Now I see...

They betray the truth spoken by me
Now I capture the spiritual conjunction
Becoming the Oracle of the future fear
time will tell for the mortals