Silence Is Violence Letra

Aimee Allen

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Letra de Silence Is Violence
Another song, to signify what's wrong
another song today that tells me i must move on
another cigarette, another cigarette will do
enough to fill spaces between - thoughts of you
move up and down for your attention,
rhyme after rhyme with you is my intention
set fires to flags i burn for you, but you don't you..

(hook): Silence is Violence
you don't notice do you
i'm trying to break through, your silence,
Silence is Violence,
you don't notice do you
i'm fighting but losing to your silence

Another time i reach but your hands not out,
holes in the wall that we don't talk about..
another "is it me, baby talk to me", i'm losing it while you watch t.v.
whats the matter? can you feel me?
you bite your tongue what are you numb to me?
what's the matter this is killing me...
do you notice do you still love me?

(do you, with nothing you would have said everything, with nothing)

Hook (but "i'm fighting but losing..." is dominant)

Rain is the rhythm of my song for you,
the puddles are splashing to cleanse myself of you
there are no rainbows, you have no light
just me swimming in you drowning in your black and white
It's winter all my leaves are falling off,
theres no risk of fire i'm burning i'm burning..

(with nothing, with nothing)