Letra de Toxicomaniac
Poor creature that destroys himself
Your life is a great agony
You don't control yourself anymore
Your mind is weaker and weaker
Your vice won't decrease
The pleasure rules you
It's too late to leave this shit
You can't get rid of your weakness

Chemical goes into your body
Blood leads it to your brain
Your souls calm down for a while
Till you get depressed again....................toxicomaniac

Unhappy to death
The jackals laugh at you
Making you sink, deeper and deeper
While you go blind
Drugs kill you inside
Your time is short
Till you have an overdose
Which will push you down to hell

Bloodshot eyes hallucinations
The drug action faces you
Paranoia anxiety
For an essential thing to your living
Antibodies are produced
To destroy the introduced substance
Your pleasure has a price
The dependence of your body till death