Letra de Sacred Words
Man doesn't know
Despite the centuries that have gone
To decipher the riddle of life
The mystery of death the miracle of a new being that is born
For those who have doubts there are those who have certainty and convictions
And we're born free to choose what to follow

Don't get fooled
There is a race against time
And the good angel may have an empty soul
Like a wolf in a sheep's hide

Somebody is lying
And when the mask falls
Cries and grief will be heard
We don't care about cleverness and details
'cos it's easier to believe in what we can touch
Is the truth hidden in religion?

The viper has already seduced millions
It was foreseen in the holy writings
And till doom's day it will be restless
And till the end of day's
How many are being deceived??

Yesterday there were only wars
Pestilence and concentration camps
Today we also see the spreading of sects and dogmas
A dark confirmation of the holy writings