The Bringer Of Rain Letra


Al Qassam

Letra de The Bringer Of Rain
Walls of Capua witnessed the making of the slave
Coliseum suffering from the handling of the sword
Screams of the crowd resounding to the sky
The Senators are watching
Rebellion against the Imperium emerged by blood

Hear the suffering, the smell of flesh
Acclaiming the bringer of rain
Faith uprising
The shadows of war are calling the bringer of rain

House of Batiatus has sustained the anger of their servants
Leaving their crates in mayhem as the rebels escape

Hyadies in the boundless skies
Reserved a seat beside the Olympian gods
To a mortal man who fought for peace
And died a divinity

I will be millions
I am Spartacus

I have never concerned myself with thoughts beyond these walls
As I stepped into the arena, I only sought for violence and chaos
From now on, my fate is to regain my freedom
To tear the Republic into pieces as I roar
Forecasting the order's fall

The final legions have fallen by the hands of Rome in Senerchia
Crucified for their treason, a lesson of fear for thousands
Covered with spears, unable to bear
The revolt has come to an end
As the man embraces his destiny in salvation

In barren lands, my tale will stand