Ithyphallic Spirits Of Procreation Letra


Al Qassam

Letra de Ithyphallic Spirits Of Procreation
Serenade of duality
The celebration of Min
In the center of the breeding circle
Expel the primitive instinct and dive into ecstasy
For the gods to witness a birth

Drink from the breast, elixir of life
The time has come for the fire to crawl
Ithyphallic spirits of procreation

In darkened nights
The intimate ritual of conception
The finical carving awakens, born from the astral kind
Submit to the will of fertility
Embrace the chaos above
As the sun and the moon unite

Pantheon lords, providers of semen
Surrendering of the cosmic course
Infusing power and strength to the great ensemble

Iu im hotep Min
Qa'i shuty sa Iset
Iiu im hotep Min
Ka Mut-ef notjer a'ah
Iu em hotep Iset
Mut Horu Uret Hekau
Iu em hotep Iset
Nebet pet Not jeri ta'ah

In life and death
The serenade prevails
As devoted orbs dance around the scorching flame
At the edge of infinity
From the womb rise the echoes of growth
As the sky and the earth divide