Letra de Ascension
Omnipresent vital force
Consuming of the supreme sacrament
Sustaining every life form on earth
Mind-staggering dimensions

Before the soul is revealed to men
No Divination! No Evocation! No Vision!
Entire world existence collides
Primal awareness

להגיע לפסגה

Purified, synchronise your mind with the higher side
Interior evolution of the mortal
Extensive life of a god
Confined conception of chaos

First invocation of the lower divines
Surrendering of the being
Transcending bounds of spiritual perceptions
Clairvoyance enhanced

The Tree of Life is now my guide
Sephirah deity
Assimilating your own essence
Your own integrated consciousness

Of Old! I aim the sun
My soul is now complete
A new chapter begins
A new order to reign

My soul is now complete