Poena Universi Letra


Al Qassam

Letra de Poena Universi
Osmosis of lifeless orbs
Pantheon of senseless hope
Welcome darkness, the end of all men
As death is calling chaos to serve
Distorted time, tormentor of souls
Aspirate! Decimate!

Welcome the bloodless in cosmic wasteland
For endless wander
Forsaken in void

Viatorem In Aeternum
In Ignem
Poena Universi

Burden of earthlings dematerialized
Hunting of sinners, affliction undone
Obsolete spirits are seeking for a truce
Desperate! Dissipated!

Forsake the dead
In timeless space
Forsake the dead

Thou shalt have grieve and suffer
This baleful world was born for terror and pain
This cycle holds no fate
The race extinction, a star implosion
Black hole, infamous hell!
Crumble all to dust