Celestial Plains Letra


Al Qassam

Letra de Celestial Plains
Totsuka-no-Tsurugi, gleaming purple flame
The son of Izanagi, god of the blaze
The sun and the moon became his brethren
The underworld is now awake

Killing men, destroying the mountains
Cast down to the world of the living
Seeking a way to repent from his sins
Chasing the scent in the cave of the snake

Eight-headed dragon
Slayed by the Sword
Amaterasu has witnessed the storm
Hear the roars of the gathering clouds of heaven

Tearing the sky by the will of the flames
Tsukuyomi has witnessed the rage
Susanoo has claimed the celestial plain

Restless, the quarrel ended in rage
Astral eclipse, divine revenge
For a godlike welded tie of blood

Devouring the wholeness of your innocence
At this time of the year
Where the serpent appears