Letra de Vainglory
(Visione dei pensieri del templare)

Lord of this red cross
I'm a simple man
Lost in a desert of souls
Alone, I breath this dust
Alone, ride against to lies
Across this sacred land
Under a scarlet sky
Faithless voices are around me
But GOD! I'll take my “GRAIL”
I'm not, a bringer of war
No true, in silence of corpses

(ora il guerriero si rivolge ai suoi mandatari)

King of life remember
Tears and blood I breeded
At your command
I thief more souls
Now your lordship
Is like a whore's virtue
Stink bastard
I will not become
Your slave again!
No! No more! No more blood on my sword
For your Vainglory
Scream my fury
Blind and fool
I was doll in your hands
Scream my fury
For your Vain glory
You will hear resound the doom horn
Hellgate will open
Hellgate will open for you!


(visione dei pensieri del templare)

God of the sky
Watch over me
I hear your verb trough the storm!
I'll become a curse
For your treators