Declaimed Prelude (The Bread And The Water) Letra


Broken History

Letra de Declaimed Prelude (The Bread And The Water)
Introducing Ten Wiles
(Music: Corona - Lyrics: Ballerio)

Outside the walls - the guardians
Inside the walls - the accused
Inside the wall - the Inquisitor!

Everything must be written, questions and answers...
Save we must the heretic from himself
Inquisitor, secrecy is your strength, may your authority prevail
Engrave each instruction and procedure in your mind and then,
Inspired by the cross,
Talk to the pig-headed, impenitent stubborn heretic
Talk severe or with shady persuasion
Lead the impenitent to your Truth!

The bread of sorrow, the water of tribulation...

Distrust I must!
Doubt I must!
Instrument of the demon is the unfaithful heretic,
The shrewd serpent with a bifurcated tongue must, in the end, spit the venom

Cautious, guarded I proceed with the wicked...
Calm voice, patience and comprehension
Behind my piercing look he will kneel down... On his knees!
From the height of my throne dig into your heart
My words explore your mind
You know I see your ambiguity, your reserve and your terror!
The evil tree darkens and puzzles you!
Confess your deception and I will pardon you, you will be free.
Here you lie frightened in the mud which is suffocating you.
Hide you cannot from the judge who calls upon you to repent!
Confess! and you will receive my pity...

A mental torture the interrogation
Torture that traps the accused
In the labyrinth of self-incriminating suspicion
The inquisitor, in his fervor,
Expounds the thoughts of the accused in his reactions,
Expounds the unspoken thought

Now the Inquisitor rules: "This is the crime!"
The accused confesses his sin, spontaneously; he confesses his blame against the divine order