Beloved Jerusalem Letra


Broken History

Letra de Beloved Jerusalem
(Music: Corona - Lyrics: Ballerio)

Full's the sky, of jubilant yelling
Full's the earth of rejoicing glory
Sings Jerusalem now free again
Handed to the crusaders of Jesus Christ

Jerusalem pretends this to be its heyday
It must hide its astonished terror
I hear voices arriving from the Holy City
But what do they say? Are they singing or screaming?

Full's the sky of agonies, screaming
Full's the earth of crimson blood, welling
To conquer you Jerusalem
Flaming Faith crusaders advance slaughtering

"Our side chased'em till Solomon's Temple
by terrible blows they killed in towering rage
rivers of blood they wallowed in till their ankles
streets covered with chopped heads, hands and feet"

Empty eyes with no more no tears to cry
Paralyzed with no words to say
Look at me, would I be the cause
Of this hell on earth brought by your sword

Full's the sky it is obscure and dumb
Full's the earth of languishing lament
Beloved Jerusalem have you
Been delivered? was really this Christ's desire?

Jerusalem vomits shed blood
The price of death will be soon repaid,
Jerusalem vomits shed blood
The price of death will be soon repaid