Condemning The Righteous Letra


Safeguard The Helpless

Letra de Condemning The Righteous
Condemning The Righteous Video:
It's been a long time time coming and
I'm ready to make my claim against an era
Of of self loathing and pain,

I gave all that I had into what I thought
What I thought this should be and now that I'm on the outside looking in
I think it's safe to say it's better off this way and when I was at my best

I now see was just what you made up
As I lost myself in hope of keeping you,
And I'm ready to leave that behind
Because I'm worth more than that
I'm more then just an ear to talk to,
I deserve to be treated as I treated you
In what I thought my perfect life was

The past is nothing more than thoughts,
Thoughts of how I could change the outcome
And now I'm seeing in,
I'm glad things enden this way
Becuase I was never wrong,
This is not what life intended to be