Letra de Mr. Hollywood
Give me your two faced lies,
I can see right through you.
The insecurities you try to hide,
Are bleeding through.

As you take a breath to save your life,
It's pointless now all you have inside,
Is the air it takes,
Enough to make believe,
That you're not worthless.

It's a shame,
I can't give a damn about,
A single word that comes out of your mouth.
You're a pain,
I can't get rid of.
So bury me and forget it.

It's a step in the right direction,
When you walk away.
You could never keep my attention,
When I'd hear you say,
"This is too much,
And you've lost your touch."
But now what have you got left?

I'd hate for you to think this is,
Oh so insincere.
Your infidelities bleeding into your tears.
Under the weight of the world you hold on your shoulders.