The Last Breath Letra



Letra de The Last Breath
I'm lost in sadness
Rageful, helpless
Lying unconscious
You're fading away

I can't bbelieve it
I can't accept it
Your lost is tremendous
You're fading away

I you to stay

In a one second flash back
I remember our lives in my head
So much things left unsaid
From the first breath to the last
All this life of yours has past

Injustice ! Outrageous ! Merciless ! Infamous !

It can't be the end
There is much more to explore
It can't be the end
It can't be the end
You should be fighting for more
I don't understand

I you to stay

I'll remember you
And I'll be walking through
And I'll remember you
Your memory shall shine through

Still I you to stay

I can feel your soul through your last breath