Take Me Home Letra


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Letra de Take Me Home
Oooh, I've been running all my life

Ooo-ooh, not knowing where to go, oh no

Oooh, I can make it on my own

Ooo-ooh, but little did I know

That you would come and take my heart

And make me feel this soul connection

A refugee of love, I am

You take me in, now I can rest now


Oooh, I'm a wounded soldier, this road I'm running on

Oooh, leads me back to no, back to nowhere

Oooh, no this war is over, and I'm depending on you

Lead me back to love, back to all the stars above

Take me home now

Oh, no, no, no

I do not expect for you to understand my case

That's just for me to know, o-oh

O-o-oooh, I can tell you my story and let you share in my history

I'm letting go, yet I didn't know

That you would come and dress my wounds

And make me feel, this love

I know we're meant to be

You rescued me and healed my pain

Now that I can love again

(repeat chorus)

Lead me back to love

(Back to love)

Back to all those stars above

(And back to all those stars above)

Make me feel I've made my peace

(take me home)

All this hurt I will release

Take me home now

Lead me back to love take me home now