Singing Blackbird Letra

Adam Newling

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Letra de Singing Blackbird
If you were a river you’d run like hell
I whisper you my secret and I know you’ll never tell
Your safe like a house with no front door I open up a window and I only feel the cold
Yes I saw the cover of a big old book over in the corner where you never pick it up
Red wine ran in your mothers blood how you gonna show my that she taught you bout love

And I’ve been chasing all things backwards I’ve been making more bad habits
I can’t keep meeting you here in silence
If we go right now they’re singing blackbird

If I was a tiger I’d change my stripes leave em at the door and I’d run off in the night
Bury all my money in my own backyard next to our old dog and the agapanthus
I saw it coming like a big old train coming off it’s tracks and I know who I could blame
It’s that black smoke heavy in your mothers lungs how you gonna show me that she told you bout love