Letra de Rockstar
Everybody talks about Sex drugs and rock n' rollI want to be one of them,cause the Rockstars are so cool.I want to be a star,I want to have fans all over the world,that will be great I want to be a star....I want to be a rockstar.I want to be famous,I want to be a rockstar and I want to be the best.Every rockstar has a goodlooking wife,every rockstar is rich.Every rockstar has a house,which is great and beautiful.I want to be like them,I want to be like you,I want to be like Kurt Cobain, whooRefrain !!!Rockstars are always full of beer,Rockstars have so much money,they can say,I want to stay here and that will be funny...Now I'm in my bed,and dreaming about,about the loud and noisy rockstar soundRefrain !!!!The best, just the bestRefrain !!!