Green Like Looking Good Letra


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Letra de Green Like Looking Good
re-paint our world do it black and stupider than before. that's a new one to me but it applies. it's an element underlying that makes hope fail. kills it all for us, let the records tell because we can't hope to. erase blame, place glue on our feet to tread sacred ground. stick it to you. skulking down. sinking now. letting go of suppositions. lets free ourselves of contradictions. this fake life. we'll take life and hide it. i killed myself to make you. and you'll wonder how your heart beats. it was nothing more than exactly what i needed. i'll die so that you can pick up the pieces. all here taking tabs. old debts haunting us. you're so strong you can pick up your own pieces. i know. we both know you're stronger than i am. you don't owe me. i owe you for everything.