Letra de You Win I Loose
I'm the last person you wanna know
but i know you now and I don't wanna go
Loved you so long, got nothin' to show
The bell rang now I gotta go
Your fly and your cool and never were crewl
but i blew my chance to be cool
In the end I ended up like a fool
My love will never die and I'll always think you rule

I'm dumb and I'm cluless
I feel so abuse
I'm running in circles cause i'm the goose
Don't say you understand cause your not confused
You win and I loose so what is the use

Not sorry I'm always staring at you don't get pissed off cause it's what i like to do
Your not the same girl I knew
only about a year ago
I'm just the punk in the way
Guess I'm just waiting for that day
Lved you so long got nothing to show
Your friends are cummin now you gotta go