Letra de Fucking For Bux
All you wealthy ladies
You're in luck
Cause the band has been fucking
Fucking for bucks
Oral, anal or in the pussy box
Just pay us some cash
Every time we pop our rocks
Fucking, fucking, fucking for bucks
We don't care how old you are
As long as you're rich
Give us your cash
And you can be our bitch
Fucking old ladies
Is better than using the hand
And the cash we get
Support the band
A lot of ladies leave us
With their holes a little sore
But when their pension checks
Come in they're back for more
The Accused are in demand
All around the globe
Join the frequent fucked club
And get a monogrammed robe
Fucking, fucking, fucking for bucks
And Visa and Mastercard and American Express
We fucked all who paid
Took their cash on the go
Took our earnings
And purchased a Winnebago
But we'll be back to do it again
When all those old sluts
Get horny again