Starved To Death (Eatin' Your Buddies) Letra

Accused (the)

Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told

Letra de Starved To Death (Eatin' Your Buddies)
To the
Empty safety
Of the womb
Forgotten doors
Sealed in your tomb
In the back
Of your head
You hear this laughing
Trapped here
For so long
Your mind is cracking

Evil thoughts
You no longer control
Starvation growing
Taking its toll
Bodies crushed
They lay everywhere
You're so hungry
They won't care

Skin pulled tight
Bones poking through
Insatiable hunger
You must satisfy
Rotting flesh
That's what's in store
Hunger's sharp pains
You can't ignore

You won't go to bed hungry
No not tonight
This flesh is so tender
You don't even need a knife
Eatin' yer buddies