Letra de Armageddon Eulogy
On dark nights left alone
with dawn in fade
Dying angels fall from
heaven above
The putrid smell of Satan's hordes
Stampeding through the gates of dawn
Reminding me of their ageless curse
of endless destruction.

One by one the guards that fell were raised up to
the sky, on sharpened, poles, The stories told,
of angels that have died.

Wielding the sword of a dying seraphim
swinging amidst the fray
To reclaim the kingdom stolen long ago
Standing solemn in blood

Embrace your death with open arms,
yet another to
the stray, God has lost,
and souls have been tossed,
and heaven shall burn this day.

Standing here as darkness falls and shadows are
all around, these demons fly, dead angels lie, all
heaven and earth are mine.

Until Armageddon comes again