I Have A Friend Letra


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Letra de I Have A Friend
I have a friend, they call Him Jesus
I have a friend, the angels praise His name
When I was down He lifted all of my burdens
He touched my life and now I'm not the mine

Oh Master may our voices
Ascend beyond the stars to thee
We thank You with our lives
And praise You with the songs we sing

I have a friend who'll solve your problems
Don't worry 'bout paying Him, to love Him is His fee
And when life's road seems rough and gloomy
He said don't worry my child, just put your trust in Me

Lord like the gentle breezes,
Please let Your Spirit comfort me
With You I'm not alone-
You're everything I'll ever need

I have a friend who went to Calvary
He said I'll die
But I'll sure enough rise again
I have a friend thay call Him Jesus
I have a friend
And the angels praise His name (Repeat line x3)