They Are The Roses Letra


Heaven And Earth

Letra de They Are The Roses
Born with heaven in their eyes
God sent, innocent, the promise of life
Born into this mess we've made
Holding the future and hope of better days
'Cause there is nothing more beautiful and wild
Than the dreams that grow in the heart of every child

They are the roses (they are)
They are the lights that shine (they are)
They are the waves that roll in on the ocean tide
They are angels (they are)
They are souls in flight (they are)
They are the hope that everything's gonna be all right
They are the roses (they are, they are)

Imagine a place
Filled with happy sounds of playgrounds where every child is safe (where every child is safe)
Where people join hands
Pray our children will all have a chance
In every family, in every tribe, in every town
We're the keepers of this garden and we can't let them down

Repeat Chorus

Oh...they are the roses (they are)
They are our children (they are our children)
They are the waves that roll in on the ocean tide
They are our future (they are our future, they are)
They are our doctors (they...)
They are our preachers,
They are our teachers
Let's not forget them
Have compassion on our children (everything's gonna be all right)

They are

Scriptural Reference:

"In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should be lost." Matthew 18:14