Letra de Soothsayer
We don't know what tomorrow brings
Our mirror reflections give hesitation
In weakness sits the mind's necrosis
The ends of sanity

Every day become the thruth the omens
In every word sits the fate
In divinations we look for the answers
When comes the break of day

Do we have to die?
Do we have to reach the stars?

Forget about our past
Holdin' glowin' heartv
With glowin' blood in heart
And glowin' hatred in blood

See my future, read my future
Tell the tale of a dead man
I beg, I pray for knowin' more
Tell me where my blood will flow

Follow the gravity - I'm back in hell
Born dead - is there life after death
The omen's in the past
It controls us and lasts

Harder then the future
Stronger then now

In your world I'm nothing
In my being you're the lord
It is time for soothsayin', you'll change the score