Letra de They
The dusk has fallen, open your beautiful eyes
Your moon won't rise that night
Free yourself, heal yourself, save yourself
Who is your creator, who Is your lord?
You was said that he was God the one and only
Don't let those liars deceive you
Be guided by voice of your thoughts and heart
they will lead you to the truth
Crush the rocks standing on your way
Break the chains binding your hands
Don't believe them, they always lie
they want you to be their servant and slave
Your species was an error, a tragic mistake
Don't let them tread you to the soil
You have to know that they look down
And they show you the path
which you will step to the very end
They will stand by your side
The time of their reign has come
They are the only ones
They are the choice
They have started all that things
And they have to finish It