Letra de So Let It Be
I'm just a passerby passing by

All the people sitting on their rooftops in the mid-day sun

I know everything's complete

Even when it falls to my feet

Out of my mind out of my grasp

Hey stranger strangly walking

Please take all of my change

I'm sure I've wasted more than you

I'm sorry I don't feel like talking

Don't take it personally

There isn't a soul out there that would make me change


I cant tell you if there's an answer

So let it be

Walking down California street

The life breathes beneath my feet

If I close my eyes the violins start to play

If it's all a mystery

I seem to have figured it out

Even though I haven't got a clue

With a smile on my face

My heart's in the right place

A walk like this makes days seem too short

The people lie awake

Short pants and summer dresses

Everything I see makes perfect sense

[Chorus 2x]

How can life be complete

Since it's not an entity

That comepletly completes any [soliniear change]?

When the pieces are in one piece

Little pieces fall away

It never seems to end

So let it be

[Chorus 2x]

so let it be

so let it be

so let it be

so let it be