Spellbuond Atmosphere Of Friendish Calm Letra

Abhor (Ita)

Vocat Spiritum Morti

Letra de Spellbuond Atmosphere Of Friendish Calm
Receive the secrets of the forbidden arts. Entwine among dreadful whispers since the dark will be your guide. Spellbound atmosphere of fiendish calm the hand to me joined already point out the way. Like dust of the earth your breath will wind the bodies and from the black throne your horns they will rise to your enemy. King of Depth , show them your force narrate them the worst of the nightmares. They in the dark will awaken our eyes, gallivanting without stop the run of the thoughts, where the flames unite with the mystery, and the dark doesn' t meet the light ever. Dark your seal, you raise the pentacle among the impassive glaciers you pick the boldness, since great will be your victory. From the tenebrous empire already belches your howl of victory