Principium Ater Letra

Abhor (Ita)


Letra de Principium Ater
Devotion like pungent pact
Of ancestral testimony
In this endless wisdom
Of manifold nature, in one appearance
Among bodies of thousand forms
From spider to cold war among false colors
And falling tears of feelings
To you the taller and ardent fire
You messenger of the dark
You father of the evil and son of black flame
Powerful master with sinister appearance
To you the praises, to you the most awful hymns
Satan, Lucifer, Abyss,
Devil, eternal evil, how much names
Recognized to you my master
Tu evocaris ab quibus Te timent
Satanas, Satanas, Satanas
The black arts, the astral skies,
The fervent clouds, the abysses without color,
Smashed the cohort of angels will be
To your arrival among wheezes of fear
So from your imposing earth