Fabled Ceremony Letra

Abhor (Ita)


Letra de Fabled Ceremony
...And I heard the sound
Of that writhe among the nocturnal breeze
Those leaves of the sundown color
Color of the death
The shades of the silence conspires
Like broken stars
Fire of sulphur, silver and incense
The mystical nature of the fabled magic
Knowledge and learning like a cosmic fusion
Of dusts in the universe
Breathe the flames of the chandeliers
The hands toward the sky,
A magic emblem under my feet
...And an evocative energy
Out from the circle the storms,
Inside the circle awful calm
The trees seem to break,
Folded up from the force of my words,
The stones briefs from the ground,
Raised around me
The skies furrowed from baggy
Clouds of black energy
Veni supplicium
Veni timor Veni oblectation
Ignis sulphuris, argentum et tus
Fabulosa caerimonia