Shades And Conspiracy Letra

Abhor (Ita)

In Nostrum Maleficium

Letra de Shades And Conspiracy
I can't live anymore condemned by this light. The shades knock to my entrance. Soon these walls will be slaughtered, the rocks will roll to the ground and I will rise myself. The chains will be dyed of red, my wrists will get back life and no more chains...

The toll plays
the song of the rooster has come
the walls have surrendered
and the shadows have armed me

That jail and that sentence
what have you taught me
sister loneliness?
The mother night has embrace
the son of the sentence
now I can reopen the eyes
and see my darkness again.

Silvery light
weak entertainer of pain
I owed attend only
I owed breathe only

Useless your chains have been
as infamous you have tried the superiority
but only blood
the blood of my liberation
among friendly shades and conspiracy