Letra de Wizard
Governing the nature I live. One thousand astral battles against one thousand enemies. One hundred years ago, but like now. The world belong to me, its energy belong to me, so the light like the obscurity, in a game of equilibrium, in a law, universal.

Status iste procellis subiacet innumeris et finis ad alta levatis est ruere. Heu tremulum magnorum culmen honorum, spesque hominum fallax et inanis gloria fictis ilitia blanditiis! Heu vita incerta labori dedita perpetuo, semperque heu certa nec unquam sat mortis provisa dies! Heu surtis inique natus homo in terris! Moriturus ad astra scandere querit homo.

From the smaller temple to the Great Pantheon, I'll there untill the day of Doom, like man or like spirit, my essence will be mend for to crown by the Old Man. Just prize for my sacrifice, Just merit for the accomplishment of my duty. Otherwise only putrefy ground