Letra de Dark Glory's Magnificence
The fog is loweringwraping up the frozen wood, while the light is chokeing, and the darkness' magnificence rases its dominion. Light, cursed light, here is the shadow' s mantle that awakes my nights, drove from the nearest voice to the brightest black moon, passageing uneraseing border of wisdom. The candles will turns off to the step of our black cloacks, from the darkest soul of cursed look to we concess with the obscure gift. Sofferent corpses wraped like serpents' orgies, the black flame lights up my way, my sword shows its glittering blade greasy of unpower purity and the waters will be turbid, the earth opens its form, the dark skyes by fade air, and the fire will lights up the seal of our proteiform faces with purple lips coloured. Damned will rese the magic emblem, symbol of obscure eternal force, without erasely trace but swindler signs. Here is the icy slyness descends from the blackest abyss between a war of roses and blood, admireing our immortality beside from the black seal. Blowing of death for you poor illuse, frighted souls from your god, the wolf is howling to our victory, howl to you flock of free sheeps, all was wrote, wrote in the stars, and we proceed the way between brumbles and ravens