Letra de My Decision
Every man want a good girl, every man want a good girl
Girls dem plenty and the whole of them look good
Trust me some no really act as they should
Bad principles from birth to childhood
Old dirty ways gone up inna adulthood.
Anytime you see a girl you like investigate it
Hard core no want no girl who bend up and switch
Think me like fe call a girl skettel and bitch
Who no have nu pride they deserve it.

I do want a good girl Yes I do
Plan to search the whole world
I prefer girls than pearls
It's my decision.

Some of them barefaced
And want fe give you a jacket
Tell them say it definitely can't fit.
Still insist, you ultimately park it
When she touch the turf, tell her exit.
Met few girls with a lot of bad habits
All have in common, search yu pockets
Wake up next morning can't find yu wallet
Few hours away she's on a taxi.

Chorus repeat...