Letra de Going Gone
Better off later
Than never at all
Better of risking the length of the fall
Then to take up your time
Pacing that line
Feeling small

You've been searching for something
Your purpose, your path
Well, you ain't gonna find it through logic
So quit doing the math
And start looking inside
Trust me, you'll find it

Sacrifice is not a sound solution
Learn to let your heart engage
Your evolution
Not common sense
Or self-defense
Only emotion can guide you
On this mission

Better off loving
As hard as you can
Than to stick to your guns
Than to stick with the plan
'Cause I fear that in time
You'll find your whole life's passed you by

Kid, I had a taste
Of what you have to share
And if you could just learn to embrace it
I swear the pain will subside
And doubts will just fall to the wayside

Now, I can't lie
I wish that I could've been the one
To be the benefactor of that revelation
But I'll sing my song
To let you move on
'Cause after all,
You were always

Going, going, gone

Better off later
Than never at all