Letra de Jacuzzi
This is where we separate,
And go our own selfish paths.

This is the same shit I always speak about
No matter how it changes I still suffer,
No matter how it changes, I keep moving on.
I'm moving on

Oh god I love this,
Screaming my lungs out.
Hope this gets to you now,
And I'll get under your skin.

I hoped you learned a thing or two,
From my words.
They can guide you to the top.
This will bring you what you want,
Now I wish for more wishes,
Try to tell me to fucking stop.
I wish for more wishes,
Keep this up, Reach your top.

Now I have, This in my hands.
So what will I do,
Stay or run away?
Run away.

"You Have No Idea"

We're always running late,
But we don't give a shit,
We'll show up when we want.
And you have no idea,
This shit is getting done.

All these kids in the neighborhood,
Dancing in on their tippy toes,
Watch out,
They're tossing, and turning.. bounce.

We came from the underground,
Spreading life into every crowd.

This is to show you where we stand (underground)
And where we once stood (underground)
let us show you what were made of.