Letra de The Storm
Misty shadows grips the heartSouls reunite in order of chaos[*] Wnite knights guards the treasures of dreamsIn the centre of the storm a man is to emergeTo find the pleasure beyond the lost horizonNow hidden beyond a realm of rainEntering the vein of blackBlood runs red in seas of sorrowTne sun burns grey in a cloudy skyConfusion!Many questions why?It's time to leave this earthly palaceThe crystal is stolen, as worlds collapseReality disappears, shaking in disgustThe crystal leads astrayA foul taste of truthBlood runs red in the flow of foreverSprings of salt runs down the faceLeft alone in silent disgrace[*repeat]As the leaves slowly falls to the groundForever captured spirits of lifeThe pathis gone without a traceLost in a universe of deceitBut somewhere in the distant(a light breaths its last sigh)