Letra de Soup (Rhonda)
Oh my dear Rhonda
Don't wanna bother
Haven't seen you in a minute
How's your mama?
Heard about the drama
Wanna see my best friend
But he hang with Jacarandas
Sun-soaking till the time's up
Mind rush
Your face
Your eyes
You blush
Soup is all I eat baby
Wanna save you but you treat me like I'm fucking crazy

Low self-esteem
Gotta love it, gotta love it baby
Low self-esteem
Where you going, where you going, baby?

He's got a J on his chest
He's got a J in his mouth
Someone tell him where to park it
When it start to go south
And when the ball stop bouncing
Is he losing his clout?
Or is he doing it for Rhonda
Who's forever in doubt?
Of his achievements
He tells her that he means it
He tells her that he loves her
She tells him get a Kleenex
Baby what's the issue?
Grab another tissue
Blown it out proportion
Stop treating me like I'm see through
(Because I need you)

Why aren't you eating?
I don't know, it's just-i'm just not hungry I guess