Letra de Police
Boy saying that he can't chill
Cause he rolling up a wood
Like he Lil Red Riding Hood
Wolf in sheep's clothes
Gotta get my mind straight
I'd say:
Keep them tables turned like a blind date
My bad
Get an ice pack when I'm done here
Nice track
Ya'll act smacked after one beer
Rap snitch
You better hope I'm on your tracklist
In a couple years I'll have cuffed a pretty actress
Yeah yeah

I got the water
I'm tearing my fucking throat up
I went too hard on this bitch
Hol up, hol up

Knock knock knock
It's them boys from the block
We ain't got time to talk
Get that money or you drop
Knock knock knock
It's that Glock
[?] shooters take the shot before
[?] spray a bank, call that a TED Talk
My boys are walking with that dead walk
No detox
Come in with the skis off
And blood on the Reeboks
Leaves turning red
Trimming trees in my headstocks
Come in so fucking wet you call my verse a G-spot