Letra de Fyi (Interlude)
To all my problems, my issues
To the things that I'm facing
To my past, present, future
All the pressure that I'm feeling
Just so you all know
Jesus died to set me free
So to everything that tries to hold me back
Ha, now you're under my feet
You're not the focus
It's not about you
You're not the one that I'm lifting
His name is Jesus
So lemme tell ya 'bout Him
He's my Saviour, my healer
My freedom, my answer
My shelter, my helper
He's bigger, strong tower, protector
He's stronger, He's higher, my redeemer
He's almighty, He's holy, He's alive
He's so far above all the things that I face
So when you try and tell me about my problems
Huh, imma tell ya about His praise