block me back Letra



Letra de block me back
We were drunk in love, and now itʼs prohibition
I tried to make it work, I was too optimistic
Ask us how we doing, we act like itʼs all terrific
But that was not the case so let me get specific

You want all my time while I was gettin’ on my grind
Thought you would be my wife so honestly I didnʼt mind

I found that you were cheating with my best friend
And even better it was text
You typed sins and hit send
My other dogs offered papers and Hen
But I thought nahh I’ll just tell my little pain through this pen
But all the time God is good I know the sayings true
He gave us space and lots of grace, and I’ve forgiven you
But now you heard I married up and found a different boo
And now you creeping on the gram and see we making moves
You pick your iPhone up and text me like what up itʼs me
But that delivered never comes I made your bubble green

I need you to block me back
Edit, delete contact
No need to text me that message you been typing for ten minutes

Block my phone, block my phone, block my phone number
Block my phone, block my phone, block my phone number

I need you to block me back
I need you to block me back

Ok I wonʼt act like this here was all your fault
Me innocent? I know I’m not the mi-unite we got involved
‘twas ignorant right from the start, and yes I played my part
In the drama that we starred in I was thinking with my heart
And maybe that wasnʼt smart
And yes I did my dirt
I was no angel with a harp
I probably messed up first, and on your face I left a mark
Not literally, a metaphor for all the pain you settled for
When we were young and meddled more

But why now press rewind, we’re all children of Father Time
And everything is fine, donʼt see why u romanticize
I’m done with all that winin’
I’m done with all the dining
The one Iʼll build my life with
I found the one Iʼll die with

I’m really sorry for the things I said and what I did
I didnʼt think that it would end that way when we were kids
But leave that passion in the past
Weʼre on a different path
I could be passive with the rap, but I’m too real for that