Letra de Rafiki Intro
I'm being serious bro, I feel like I'm Rafiki talking to Simba right now, man. No, like I'm serious bro, just remember who you are fam, like remember who nobigdyl. is. Like, you know what I'm saying? Like, just scratch off all the branding and the this, and this has to be strategic and it has to line up. It's just like man, like life is so short man, and this artistry thing comes and goes like a whim bro. So why not, I'm not saying just drop stuff and be random and do it. I'm just saying like obviously be strategic, but don't let the strategy take precedence over the feeling of having fun and actually making music. And for people's like, like bro, you can be somebody's soundtrack for their season bro. Like you know what I'm saying? Like somebody can be like "Yo, nobigdyl. helped me through this season." You know what I'm saying, that's how you connect to people bro, like just drop what you want to drop and then let your real fans rock with it and just drop visuals and be consistent on social media, be consistent with indie tribe, and just pound it in the head with what God gave you, bro. Like this is what God gave you bro, are you gonna hold it, and you're gonna keep it, and bury this gift, or are you gonna, like, show the world that God gave you this gift?