Letra de Yet Another
Yah Yah Yah

Yet another, American Apparel tomb
Feral coon, cat scratch fever in a sterile room
Reviewing Tim Kaine's relationship goals while peril looms
My materials will fail me soon
And yet still, complete as a apple core
Rap remind me of the Apple Store
Too many geeks selling trinkets in uniform
Clay under my fingernails
Etched it in cuneiform
Break out the nae-nae, then the Methuselah pop
And I feel like Arthur Miller when The Crucible drop
The tragic mulatto is neither
Ajamu Baraka with a scyther
We are no longer an ordinary peoples
Occupy myself like an off-roading vehicle

And that DJ over there
He tried to buy power over Karma
I giggle softly like I'm Wilmer Valderrama
Hosting a show about Yo Mama jokes
Treat the last scene like an Aphorism
Like a...
Like a...
And that DJ over there
Tried to buy power over Karma
I giggle softly like I'm Wilmer Valderrama
Hosting a show about Yo Mama jokes
Treat the last scene like a
Like a

Need a straw for my holy nose
Which is broke as a camel's back
Clef a camel in Camelot
Pride and poor
You get smoke like that
You must smoky
Then smoky rap
And said, rapping, "Some kid named Bruce
Didn't want to do his folks
But shit
They shouldn't of moved,"
I bob like I'm from the rock
I could probably show you the groove
You kiddies lacking the drive
Set the alarm and then hit the snooze
Responding to colored killings
By taking pictures in suits
Keep telling me speak the real
(You can't handle the truth!)
Who are you?
Writing my pain away on the silver screen
Heh heh... *pew pew*
And yet another tragic scene
Killed over skittles?
No wonder they take magic beans

Quell all the ra-ra shit
Before I get it shaking like the Parkinson's
See ya niggass want to smoke?
I got the maples, couple swishers
Cement blocks up on your feet
It's laying dormant with the fishes
I play the game while y'all squat by the fences
But God, a pussy boy?
No Humphrey
I found solace in my dungeon
Fanatics want the work?
Shit I'm already punching
I ain't scared of contact
I'll catch you past [?]
Pristine, touchless
You couldn't touch this
I'm in the tundra
Ground zero watch the world burn to sun
And money make it all better
And they'll take it all away if you let them
All I ever had was my soul and my essence
That's bigger than bowling balls
You got guns like chicklins
Never bout the chatter
Boys like little women
Snickering and chittering
Little fiction bitch
My whole life is fictionless

Walk and talk
What is the essence?
I take pride up in my presence
And the presents that I learned is lessons
Feeling old, I know my death ain't older
Every day I take measures to warm my soul up
So I don't feel colder
Keep the fire flaming
Even though they fire aiming at our friends
And family, can we
Continue? Yes we sho' will
That's our end of the deal
That is our sacred seal
For real
Present the present and then choose
No left, no right, no win, no lose
Buckle up your shoes
Uh, yeah
No Ponzi, just go, oh
Just let it flow-oh-oh-oh