Letra de Malware
I feel weak
I feel down
I want the bitches
Want the money
Want the crown
Got these exes in my head saying "please come down"
I got love for these drugs
Buy 'em buy the ounce
Yeah they make me feel great till I hit the ground
I need me a woman
Who gon' make me stick around
Fuck love
That shit make me cry too much
I'mma fuck up
I ain't ever good enough
She don't love me
She just crave my touch
She said "Don't talk
Boy I just wanna fuck
Boy I just wanna fuck
Boy I just wanna fuck
Boy I just wanna fuck
Boy I just wanna fuck"

If you disrespect me I'll be disrespectful
I'm not taking on too much, just the essentials
[?] said I got a new direction
Need a few more heads to complete my collection
The dark skin with the dark path I dart past
Anybody who wanna stay last
I full blast
I feel the turbulence
I know they observing it
They getting money, but how many are earning it?
A year ago they said come back when you practise
Now tell me where I go and get my letterman jacket
If there's a party I'll crash it
Money I'll bag it
I'm Marvin Bagley
I'm back with the baskets
The baddest in the city (Sorry Mills)
I'm never stopping till I own a couple plaques
And even after that, I gotta get a couple stacks
So I can turn right to the children and give it all back

Ay, ay everyone shut up, everyone shut up (Shhhh)
It's probably gonna be better than Blonde

Afraid of being wrong so I'm usually reserved
So when it's time to speak my mind I don't really have the nerve, shit
Kick me to the curb
Done living in the 'burbs
Where these white kids think they have the right to yell out racial slurs
And I have no friends, because I pushed them away
Or when we hang out, and I don't really know what to say
I mean, everything's a blur now they called me a "nigga"
And Hilfiger never made shit for our people in the first place
Haha, but now our people in the first place
Times have fuckin' changed since you took us from our birthplace
And, uh
I hate being compared to Khalid
And I don't make music for all of these regular teens
But if it sounds good
I guess that's all that they need, right
I need my mom a cosign on that house in 2018 (2018, 2018)

I just miss you if I'm being honest
But I'm not
So I say that I'm just off
And you say that I seem off under floodlights
Flashing on the sunroof
Flashing on the blunt wraps
Flashing when you come through
When you come through
Come through
Come through
When you come through
Come through

I went from getting called fag on the bus
To moving to LA to live with my boys
Yeah, came from writing my name on your Chucks
To all-ages clubs
And losing my trust in you
You left me a letter
Could give a whole fuck if you liking my sweater
I wear it for me
Got low self-esteem
I met Jelani
And I'm feeling way better
Moved to Cali for the weather
La La when I'm Emma Stoned
Gosling with my cheekbones
Demarco in my earphones
Salad days, Salad days
Yes I am young but experienced
Reality's so vague
Can't help it, I'm Raised By The Internet

Never get tired of this internet stuff
I think my friends and family are taking it rough
Go tell my mum I love her, I don't say it enough
But I'm sick of all these people always calling my bluff
I'm a full-blown menace
A full-grown man
This the 1500s
I'mma steal your land
I'mma start my brand
What we put together
And I'm gon take some time
All we need's 4 letters
I'mma a workaholic overdosed on productivity
Made a tape with 20 dudes and only saw them on a screen
I don't have time for reflections
I'm too busy with the present
I can see us in the future getting penance and it's pleasant
[?] you can't see it
After your heroes are gon' hear the tape I can't name one that won't wanna be it
It's been a little less than a year
So we still feeling it out
Man just stop pretending you ain't heard the legend
We know that you know we're about

I got niggas on my side that don't want me to win
But I don't say nothing, so I tend to hate my friends
High school burn out, y'all a bunch of has beens
Only thing like my dad is my thick skin
Alpine niggas go way back, no stereo
Nigga I'm just crusing like a fucking Ferrero
I know I rap about my car, I'll do it till I die
I cry, I fuck up, I pray, I look up to the sky
I'm insane
Genius in the brain
I'm the resurrection, black Kurt Cobain
Asha on the team, J got recruit game
Bitch I stay lucky like a fucking Celtics game
Niggas think they in my lane
I own the whole freeway

We were all Raised By The Internet
For better or for worse