Letra de Kodachrome
(Tell em whatcha think of this)
Kodachrome, film the garden gnomes
Casually attracted, to the sight of homes
He was on his own, skinny monotone
Lack of interaction, lived inside a phone
Well actually in an Acura
Drive off to the lake and let his feet hang off the aqueduct
Leo drove the maxima
I-into a wall

50 shades of Blank
Throw the hate up on my pretty face
You pop up in my dreams
Silver Surf when I choose to race
Nigga slow your roll
No I don't sip styrofoam
Jacaranda boy, lost on where he wanna fucking go
Tried to make friends but he took his shit and went home
Then he made a group and now he running with the loot
And I like to stay in 2's, but shit I've never owned a coupe
And I'm all about the brain so all I eat is soup (Wah!)

I'm in love with these trees and I ain't talking 'bout weed
I refer to Jacarandas, swear my soul is the seed
Lavender leaves, catch me in the passenger seat
Probably driving down to L.A. bumping Futura Free
Where's the future I need
Or the one I'm hoping to see
I wanna move in with my boys so we can go to the beach
(An triple S' on... on my feet?)

Niggas always talk but they know they can't compete with us
Chitty-chat behind our back but always wanna link with us
They say I'm always lazy, exactly why my fuckin feet is up
Not a team player, so I need to get my features up
Who the fuck are you to me?
This girl just wanna freak with me
I always get attached, y'see I'm thinkin' bout what we could be

Shit is all in my head
All in my head
Shit is all in my head now
Shit is all in my head
All in my head
Got that power in my hands now

Ay J, Ay J
What d'ya think of that?
Oh is that Asha calling?

Never been the one they forget about
Never been the one with the heat in my lap
But I never been the one in the backseat
Never been the one to forget facts
A-I cold chain like Slickback
See me give 10 feet, get back
Make y'all walk the plank, no six pack
Man y'all so plain, like tic-tacs
Still bumpin' that Coldplay
Still knockin' like croquet
Teen spirit like Cobain
So faux like toupees
With no Rogaine
But still cold chain
Blue face feel like Coltrane
And vans talking like oobie, yeah
Whip hoopty, I'm speeding, yeah
Genes captain like Keaton yeah
Star boy like Wil Wheaton
Niggas trip when they meet me
But flake out appointments on weekends
And please
Tell your friend to not tell her friends that I'm friends with her or we speaking
Can’t flex with my girlfriend so we FaceTime when I’m geeking
Been on E for 10 exits
Eat chances like that for breakfast
If I leave now I might shake the world
When I peace out like the Brexit
Since Donald Duck got elected